Happiness: Prelude Devlog

I haven't played around with making games for over a decade.  Recently, I decided to play around with the latest engines that are out there to see how they perform and what developing in them is like.  

This particular game is an adventure game with temporary graphics and some missing interface images.

Eventually, I plan on turning this project into a Zelda-style adventure game. 

 Please check out the Mac version that I have available and let me know what you think.  Any and all comments/thoughts/opinions are welcome and encouraged.  I'll have a Windows build soon-ish.


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Mar 07, 2018

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I made a few minor updates to the graphics and some bug fixes.  

I added a Windows build to the game's page.  This is the first time I've built an app for Windows using the current setup.  If you test the Windows build and run into any issues let me know.